Togo-Rwanda: Gaperi’s departure, regret and congratulation for some


The former Rwandan heading Togo Revenue Authority (OTR), Henry Gaperi is didmissed. The Togolese cabinet decided so, last Saturday. He is replaced by his deputy, former customs director, Kodzo Adedze. Local media regret his departure, but others are happy.

The reason of this dismissal was not communicated immediately, while Gaperi has worked for 3 years in OTR. He helped the country to improve revenues and fight fiscal frauds. On Sunday, Gilbert Bawara, Minister of Administrative reforms made things clear: “The contract was over”, he said to Radio Pyramide FM. The cabinet decision is legal, as we respected terms of contract”, adds Bawara. The replacer, Adedze is Togolese, knowing well about his responsibilities.

The OTR’s turnover is positive under Gaperi: In 2016, he collected 568.5 billion Cfa over 575 expected, 99%. In 2014, too 1st year, 458 billion Cfa were collected, making a difference of 54.3 billion Cfa in 2013, while 500 billion in 2015.

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Created on December 10th 2012, OTR got a mission of recovering public taxes, and Gaperi was its too 1st General Commissioner. The target of 2017 was estimated at 625 billion.

However, the more OTR was working, the more business men left the job, due to tax pressure; according to some local economists. It is up to the Togolese, Kodjo Adedze, to rehabilitate national economy.

Embezzlement alleged to Gaperi

In an article of, local online paper, Gaperi would have embezzled. Monday, Feb 27th, the paper says “Henry Gaperi disappeared many days ago, suspected of carrying 23 billion Cfa, with 204,000,000 Cfa out of salary allowances he got in 2016. This amount was allocated to accommodation, electricity, water, etc. continues saying that “Gaperi had a Rwandans network, controlling Togolese administration…All private partners were belonging to Rwandans: big consultants, main partner offices. His life was very expensive, with assistance staff and a translator, as his mainly language was English”, states

The same paper, “Gaperi does not worry, in Gnassimbe-Kagame hands. The Rwandan President would have asked the Togolese to manage the situation in dignity and fairness, in line with current diplomacy…A hidden protocol might be linking the two presidents”.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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