Top Ugandan police officer in exile defends Gen Kayihura “we were all on the hit list”


The Personal Assistant of Gen Kale Kayihura, ACP Jonathan Baroza  who lives in exile has sided with  Kayihura claiming under no circumstances his former  boss is responsible for the death of AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi on March 17, 2017.

Speaking to Chimpreports in exile, Baroza said the killing of Kaweesi is highly related to the ADF rebels who shortlisted top Uganda’s officials to be killed, according to the recordings by police informant.

Former Gen Kayihura’s aide, AIGP Jonathan Baroza

“The police informer in ADF told Kayihura’s staff that a high ranking NRM historical, Baroza, Kaweesi and senior police commander, Siraje Bakaleke, were also on the hit list” quotes Chimpreports

“All of us were targets. We didn’t know when and who would be hit first. It was a very dangerous time for all of us,” he added

“Kayihura’s security was also strengthened” he added

Baroza who is an asylum in Sweden says detaining Gen Kale Kayihura at Makindye Military Barracks is of no good.

“I don’t know where this country (Uganda) is headed,” he exclaimed

AIGP Andrew Felix  Kaweesi was shot dead on  Friday morning of March 17, 2017 at Kulambiro, Kampala city suburb. understands upon Gen Kale Kayihura’s arrest from Kashagama, Lyantonde District, security officilas was quizzed him about the death of his deputy, AIGP Felix Kaweesi.

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