Police of Rwanda warns motorists against reckless driving, that puts people’s lives in danger. The warning follows three separate accidents that happened two days, taking lives of six people, with many injured.

One of the accidents occurred on Tuesday Apr. 18th, in Nduba Sector of Gasabo District killing four people, including a driver and three pedestrians. A loaded truck registration number RAD 731J, lost control. The truck belongs to a local construction company, it also rammed in a nearby house but, fortunately, nobody was inside.

The same day, another incident happened in Kabuga Cell of Kageyo Sector Gicumbi District when a Coaster bus with plate number RAD 792 B knocked a pedestrian, who died on spot.

This Wednesday Apr. 19th, a car from Gatuna border, broke a bridge at Gaseke, between Rulindo and Gicumbi towards Kigali. One pedestrian died, while three people injured, including the driver.


The spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety department, CIP Emmanuel Kabanda, attributed the accident to “reckless driving”. He warns drivers who violate traffic regulations, saying violators of road safety standards, risk prosecution and suspension of their licencies.

“We have said it time and again for road users, especially drivers and motorcyclists, to abide by traffic rules and regulations, avoid driving while talking on phone, overtaking in dangerous corners, over-speeding and other careless driving practices,” says CIP Kabanda.

“It’s also in the interest of drivers to abide by the road precautions. They will be sparing lives of their passengers, their automobiles and themselves. When driving, safety should be put forward,” he explains.

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Regarding car owners mechanical status of their vehicles is crucial, they should regularly be taken for inspection and fix them to avoid likely accidents.

“Driving a vehicle without due care or attention is a sign of reckless that puts all other road users at risk of fatal accidents” CIP Kabanda.

“Most road accidents are avoidable; they are due to bad driving habits, carelessness such as driving while distracted, driving aggressively and failing to inspect vehicles for mechanical problems…all these are things that are avoidable and prevent accidents.

To a lesser extent, pedestrians also cross the roads carelessly, and this single act can cause a devastating accident.”

As part of the effort to prevent accidents largely caused by over-speeding, Police has ordered installation of speed governors in all public vehicles which limit drivers to a maximum speed of 60 kilometre per hour.

The presidential decree No. 85/01 of September 02, 2002, regulating general traffic police and road traffic; stipulates, in part, that “vehicles not satisfying the set technical criteria will not be issued a certificate. Owners of vehicles using public roads without the certificate will also be liable to a fine of Rwf25, 000.”

Jean Baptiste Karegeya




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