Promoting Tourism could be Musanze’s crucial card to become a leading secondary city, after the country’s Capital City, Kigali.

The district, usually known as tourism hub for foreign visitors thanks to its very own Gorillas attraction, the district seeks to increase investments targetting an improved natural beauty it carries thanks to it amazing natural beauty features besides its Gorillas and caveswhich are used to attracting a lot of tourists through a single year.

Jean Damascene Habyarimana, the District Mayor, said his district has already surpassed the remaining five secondary cities, thanks to its fast tourism-based development.


He said, “Our district is in race with five more secondary cities to confirm which should be second to Kigali. But as you obviously know, those who head the competing cities even know that they are running after a far faster city. Saying that we are second to Kigali would not amaze anyone because there are a number of indicators that we deserve it”

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Musanze has a number of big projects which are in pipeline. Some of them include a historical project on the adjustment of Igihondohondo forest, located between Nkotsi and Bikara, known to be a venue for royal ceremonies. Another is the construction of a touristic and entertainment hub across Burera and Ruhondo lakes as well as the construction of a special road to be used by tourists travelling to the entire Volcanic area.


Augustin Ndabereye, the district Vice-Mayor in charge of Finance and Economic Development, also insists these projects, if successful, will make Musanze a famous touristic region at international level.

He said, “we want Musanze to be a famous place in Tourism thanks to its touristic progress, like we say Hollywood which is famous area in cinema industry. We want it to be unique and no wonder shall we become Kigali second city”

He adds that the district will keep promoting tourism in the region to improve the region’s natural beauty to make tourists be more interested and entertained during their visit.


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Musanze is commonly known as an excellent touristic center in Rwanda. The government of Rwanda plans to promote a challenging Tourism sector at the international level after finding out it to be one of sectors that contribute to the country’s economic development.

It is also among five secondary cities, namely Rusizi, Muhanga, Huye, Rubavu and Nyagatare, and one of which is set to be selected as a second city to the country’s capital city, Kigali.

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