Prisoner holding metal cage in jail, no freedom concept

Security officials in Kigali on Saturday arrested a man aged 35 for being a suspect of genocide ideology.

Before his arrest, according to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) Spokesperson, the man was talking to himself on the road saying “Tutsi and Hutu will never be in good terms.”

He met a man namely Kabugari Canisius,65, he told him that he can kill him so as to follow footsteps of his Tutsi kinsmen.” RIB Spokesperson, Modetse Mbabazi told a local website.

Meanwhile, the suspect was also imprisoned in 2016 for the same crime.

Recently, RIB announced 39 individuals were also arrested for being suspects of genocide ideology crime adding 8 suspects were on the run.

According to Rwanda penal code, genocide ideology crime is punishable by serving not below five or above seven years imprisonment with fine not below Frw 500,000 or above one million.





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