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The new study conducted in May by Transparency International Rwanda (TIR) shows that 38.5 per cent of the respondents expressed that they were assigned categories that excluded them from social benefits they should have been entitled to.

The sampled districts include Gasabo, and Kicukiro in the City of Kigali; Musanze, and Rulindo in Northern; Rwamagana, Bugesera in East; Gisagara, and Muhanga in South, as well as Nyabihu, and Karongi districts in West.

While presenting the survey findings, Albert Rwego, Programme Manager, and head of research at Transparency International Rwanda said that citizens expressed frustration as all of them claimed to have been assigned Ubudehe category 3 and 4 by their local leaders to ensure they score high during assessments of performance contract (Imihigo).

“A cell leader in Musanze District put all the cell residents in the third and fourth Ubudehe categories, arguing that none of them was poor because the cell was located in Musanze town,” he said, adding that some of the residents complained that they were put in categories that were beyond their financial means.

Alvera Mukabaramba, State Minister in charge of social affairs at the Ministry of Local Government said that the low rate by which people who are said to be satisfied by this classification programme is due to the fact that citizens largely view Ubudehe category as a means for getting free socio-economic benefits from the government.

“Because people link Ubudehe categories with the benefits they can get from them, their satisfaction will always tend to be low as long as they are in categories that do not favour them to get those benefits,” she indicated.

But, she observed that the survey’s figures on people who were wrongly categorised and were not able to get due benefits, and those who got undue benefits, was too high to be true.

However,  23.6 per cent of the respondents reported that they were assigned Ubudehe categories which provided them with social benefits they did not deserve because they were relatively well-off.




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