Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence, CMI is mentioned in kidnapping Rwanda national, Emmanuel Cyemayire last week in Mbarara Township.

Virunga Post broke the story that  Maj. Fred Mushambo, CMI’s Division Intelligence Officer, had been at Cyemayire’s home shortly before he was kidnapped.

However, Mushambo did not find him at home for  Cyemayire had been at work in Mbarara town where he runs a shop.

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This website has learnt that  there is a also a pastor namely Deo Nyirigira,AGAPE church owner in Mbarara town who is connected to the kidnappings saga through identifying Rwandans to kidnap and torture in CMI facilities on the basis that they are pro-Rwandan government.

Overall, these operations are overseen by Rugema Kayumba and Chieftancy Miliatry Intelligence’s Corporal Mulindwa aka Mukombozi, under the protection of General Abel Kandiho of CMI.

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