Uganda deports  72 Rwandans over illegal entry


Seventy two Rwandans  composed of 11 children, 20 women and 41 men were on Monday evening arrested in Uganda over illegal entry without travel documents.

The Rukiga Resident District Commissioner,  Emmy Ngabirano together with the police and other security personnel impounded the two buses at Muhanga town council.

It was further discovered  all these Rwandans had  no travel documents and were escorted to be deported back to their country through Katuna border town, Daily monitor has learnt

Some of the arrested Rwandans told the security officials that they were going to for causal jobs in different districts of western Uganda.

Mr Ngabirano warned foreigners against entering Uganda without possessing travel documents saying that they will be arrested and deported back to their home countries because it’s an offence.

He advised transporters to always avoid transporting foreigners that do not have travel documents to avoid being inconvenienced.

Fred Masengesho Rugira/



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