Rwanda Natonal namely l Isaac Ndahiro is accused of grabbing, killing  some and harassing residents  of the land in Kiruhura District.

An old woman, Hariet, a wife to the claimed to be the owner of the land says he has been landless for 18 years after being evicted by Ndahiro which lead to her poor living standards.

“Look at how my skin looks like, my feet have been swollen” an old woman narrated to NTV in Lunyankole, a local language used in the Kiruhura District.

Residents claim the land belongs to the late Christopher Kajundira before being grabbed by Ndahiro who is now an employee of The United Nations.

People from the area have testified that the land was owned by Kajundira since 1965.

“This is Kajundira’s land, he came with his people and settled here long ago” an old man who got a clap of hands from  a crowd of people told  The Chairperson of the commission of inquiry into land matters, Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire.

The part of the land under dispute is also being claimed by the family of the first Anglican Bishop of Muhabura Diocese in Kisoro District, the  late Bishop Kosia Shalita.

Administrator knows we have a land here, everything in my father’s name” The son of Bishop Kosia Shalita told NTV

It is alleged Ndahiro killed some of the residents during the land grabbing in November 2017.

Ndahiro in court admits he heard about the death of a pregnant woman of Charles Mutungi, injury of his son, daughter and other casualties.

Ndahiro was further condemned by the Head of the commission saying” Do you think is this justice system? Would you recommend this in Rwanda, what a shame?”

The Chairperson of the commission of inquiry into land matters, Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has warned Police, Ndahiro and his workers who sometimes harass locals from the area.

“If I hear him harassing those women again and reporting dubious cases against them, I will come for your head” Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire warned

As for now, Ndahiro has introduced his farming activity such as grazing cattle on the land.

Last year, the commission of inquiry into land matters was surprised to find out that a Rwandan national, Isaac Ndahiro, is registered on 562 hectares in Kyeera, Mbarara.

Several residents accused him of grabbing their land and for one, Charles Mutungi, accuses Ndahiro of evicting his family off land measuring about one mile and 40 hectares. understands former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has lend a hand in this matter of evicting Kajundira’s people in the land.



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