Rwanda national Emmanuel Cyemayire was released yesterday but one shortly after Uganda Lawyers namely  Gawaya Tegulle and Eron Kiiza mentioned to take legal action against Uganda’s Chief of Defence Forces over the illegal detention of Cyemayire.

Emmanuel Cyemayire told the media that he spent 25 days incarcerated in Uganda Chieftaincy Military Intelligence cells where they had  tortured him to the extent he is now suffering from backaches.

Virunga post has learnt that the  same happened in December last year when CMI released and deported to Gatuna five of the seven Rwandans who were rotting in its torture chambers after lawyers threatened to file a suit on behalf of the victims.

Cyamayire told reporters that Rwandans in Mbarara are living in fear, worried that they are to face the same fate.

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Cyemayire is back to Rwanda having been forced to abandon his business in Mbarara that he opened in 2013. He has also left behind property he had accumulated from the little profit he had made from his enterprise,Virunga post argues.

Meanwhile,it is alleged  Rwanda nationals arrest in Uganda is related to those who have refused to align themselves with the Rwanda National Congress while Uganda officials said  arrest only  deal with those who are suspects of terrorism activities in Uganda.

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