Uganda’s Chieftaincy Military Intelligence questions Kayihura over 20,000 illegal guns


Officials  from Uganda’s Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI)  has   grilled the detained former Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura over 20000 illegal guns that have been operating in Kampala without kbowledge of  other  security agents, Spyreports  got a scoop

The sources at Makindye military barracks say the development took place yesterday  around 3:00pm and a delegation of high ranking military officers led by Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine, CMI Boss Brig Abel Kandiho,ISO Chief Col Frank Bagyenda Kaka.

The team held a closed door meeting that lasted for close to two hours and nobody   were  allowed  even a security officer to enter the barracks and that the facility was made a no go area.

The source told website that  Gen Kale Kayihura was led to the room where Gen Tumwine and CMI Chief Brig Kandiho  and the grilling started.

Military sources told the website that Gen Tumwine and Brig Kandiho quizzed Gen Kayihura to explain how over 20000 guns had sneaked into the country and distributed to boda boda 2010 members without the knowledge of other security agencies like CMI,ISO and the office of the President.

Sources added that Gen Kayihura was also asked to explain why he armed over 7000 crime preventer in Kampala with guns without following the normal procedures.

“Are you aware that crime preventers are considered as civilians and they must apply for guns and give reasons why they need guns?” a source quoted one of the security chiefs asking Gen Kayihura.

The security source added that Kayihura was put to task to explain which law he followed to arm crime preventers with illegal guns.

Security source also revealed to us that Gen Kayihura was asked to explain the source of the guns and the process of how they entered into the Country.

“We want you tell us where the guns were procured from, the source of the money and how they entered into the Country,” another Chief asked Kayihura.

The source said that Kayihura in his response denied all the allegations that that were put to him.

He reportedly told his fellow Generals that he had never procured any illegal gun and that he never armed crime preventers.

Kayihura also accepted recruiting and training crime preventers from Police training school in Kabalye saying they were working with trained police officers in fighting crime in Kampala and other parts of the Country.

Makindye source said that  around 7:00pm Kayihura was taken back back to his room and the grilling team also went with their files and reports.

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