Ugandan officials deny reports that Rwanda planned shooting down of Museveni’s plane


Ugandan officials have denied reports that Rwanda planned to shoot down President Museveni’s plane on his way to Burundi.

Officials who agreed  to talk about this sensitive matter told Chimpreports they have never received a tip regarding presidential plane shooting down by Rwanda.

There were reports that rebels loyal to Rwanda planned to shoot down a plane carrying President Museveni as it landed in Bujumbura where he intended to attend the COMESA Heads-of-State Summit.

According to African Intelligence, a magazine that focuses on Great Lakes Region, the French Intelligence tipped President Museveni of the plot to strike his plane.

However, officials form Uganda claim they have never received such news and it never happened.

The President’s press secretary, Don Wanyama said he had never heard of any such trip, adding, “Never seen anything like it in the president’s schedule.”

Asked if the defence forces were interested in the report, Uganda’s Defence Spokesperson Brig  Richard Karemire responded: “Nevertheless, we take note of such writings and competent offices may or may not interest themselves with the same.”

On the other hand, according to Chimpreports,Rwandan officials that the website contacted on condition of anonymity to speak freely dismissed the charge referring to them as “propaganda from our haters”

Meanwhile, Uganda accuses Rwanda of undermining  its security by peddling fake news using social media especially twitter and Kenyan based newspapers.

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