The UK aid agency Department for International Development (DfID)  has named t the dailymail article as misleading following the news that  its donor support to Rwanda was being used to fund the Arsenal deal.

“UK aid is not used for sponsorship deals with Arsenal FC and DfID is not giving any money to Visit Rwanda or the Rwanda Development Board,” DfID said in a statement.

“UK aid to Rwanda has been carefully and specifically earmarked for programmes that will support the country’s most vulnerable people and help it stand on its own two feet” the statement reads

The agency said it supports education and agricultural programmes and tracks “results to ensure value for money for UK taxpayers.”

Rwanda’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe, responding to criticism from The Netherlands, told Dutch MPs that the sponsorship deal was none of their business.

“Dear MPs from The Netherlands. This is NONE of your business. Rwanda uses revenues from National Parks to promote investment & tourism, aiming [at] self-reliance,” Mr Nduhungirehe responded

The remarks comes after Dutch Mps questioned the ground that  Rwanda, a donor-dependent country will spend  such a big amount  of money.

GroenLinks MP Isabelle Diks said it is disheartening to see such payments being made, while the international community is trying to tackle the poverty.

Rwanda says the deal is aimed at increasing tourism, investment and football development.

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