UN worry of Nkurunziza’s hunger of new term


The United Nations’ Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, is concerned by Burundian President’s probable attempt to run his card seeking a new term again.

Guterres claims Nkurunziza’s 4th term could result to horror security misery among Burundians in 2020, when the elections are scheduled.

According to UN report, Antonio Guterres announced that worries continue to grow following Nkurunziza’s recent statement that he could contest for another term in 2020. This meaning that some changes could happen in the Burundian Constitution’s content to allow him to contest for another term.

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While presenting this report to the UN Peace Committee, Guterres made it clear that things could go from bad to worse once Nkurunziza attempts to enter a fresh race to run another term as president, and that this could put an end to ongoing discussions about bringing back peace and security in Burundi.

He also slammed Burundian Government’s disappointing decision to allow UN army to get involved in bringing back peace in Burundi, while  killings being committed in this country could possibly be turned into Genocide.

However, Albert Shingiro, the Burundian representative in the United Nations wonders why Antonio Guterres emphasis on Nkurunziza’s attempt to run a 4th term as if he would be the first to do so, while there are other heads of states on the continent who run even more than 4,5 or 6 terms, but their cases deemed normal.

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