The Rwandan prime Minister, today, ends up a 10 day civic education locally known as ‘Itorero’ of all directors of units in public institutions. In the ceremonies held at Stade Kamena in Huye District, PM Anastase Murekezi calls on the heads of units to stand for leadership values and to be ready for implementation of what they have throughout learned.

The itorero named ‘IMBAMBURIRAMIHIGO’ started on 18 November 2016, includes units directors with main purpose of equipping them with crucial skills to effectively carry out their duties and to stand for their positions as the bridge to link their superiors with regular leaders and the whole community as well.

Pledges of the new trainees read in a part and they vowed to implement.

The Prime Minister Hon Anastase Murekezi while delivering the speech
The Prime Minister Hon Anastase Murekezi while delivering the speech

“We will avoid unawareness towards public duties and citizens’ issues. We will avoid any approach towards to government loss and involve it in baseless court cases. We will embrace technology with our colleagues and speed up service delivery. We will follow up the implementation of government projects and effectively report what is really happening in a good time. We will preserve our achievements as well as conserve public properties…”

Among other pledges, the leaders also promise to embrace physical trainings to enhance sustainable life and to be accustomed with thanks giving and to end up impunity.

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PM Anastase Murekezi reminds the trainees their ongoing duties to ensure the country’s development.

“After ending up this crucial civic education, we expected more from you and hard tasks are waiting for you. We expect you to be the new righteous leaders to be the pillars of proper planning in order to implement politics and government projects aim at worthy changes and citizens’ welfare towards vision 2020 to get ready for 2050.”

Minister of public service and Labour, Judith Uwizeye during the occasion
Minister of public service and Labour, Judith Uwizeye during the occasion

The remark was to sensitize the trainees to be typified with speed in whatever they are doing, patriotism; enhancing the unity of Rwandans and eradicate corruption as the enemy for country development and humanity.

The minister of public service and labour Judith Uwizeye,  who also attends the event, highlights devotion; commitment and job caring as the way for dignity.

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“Devotion, job caring and dignity also needed to maximize your duties. There are so many you learned from the training include improvements of job. What remains is to return to our working places and implement them as well as letting them guide us in our daily life.” Min Judith Uwizeye hails.


To enhance the culture of volunteerism targeting different categories of the population in a structured manner, the government has established Itorero to inspire positive values among Rwandans and to strengthen the volunteerism efforts already going on. Statistics show that 243,284 Rwandans have attended civic education training from 2007-2012 in different categories.

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