Vision 2050: A potential focal discussion on the 14th National Leadership Retreat agenda


Vision 2050 is expected to be a big headline among the discussions which are on the 14th National Leadership Retreat 2017 agenda , Stella Ford Mugabo, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, said.

Minister Mugabo raised the point while speaking to journalists on Tuesday , February 6th 2017, at the Office of the Prime Minister, talking about recent cabinet reshuffles made last week on February 3rd.

She said the 14th National Leadership Retreat 2017, scheduled between February 24th to March 2nd, 2017, will focus on the Government’s 7-year Programme, the implementation of Vision 2020 which nearing its conclusion and discuss an extended Vision 2050 which is in the government’s longterm targets.

Minister Mugabo said this year’s National Leadership  Retreat will take seven days, an extended period of time, from three days that it used to take so far, as there is a series of points to be discussed which could take longer than expected.

She said,: this year’s Leadership Retreat will take a week, with a number of discussions focusing on social affairs and current economic status of the  country, including Vision 2020 which nearing its conclusion,  Government’s 7-year Program set to end in July, as well as New Government’sVision 2050,”

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She added that the retreat will be an opportunity to assess what has been achieved in different sectors and study the challenges to what have not been achived before finding the durable solutions for better future results.

The retreat will study the current position Vision 2020 in different sectors, including service delivery towards the public, modern settlement process, economy and industry, technology and energy.

As usual, the National Leadership Retreat is scheduled to be held for its 14th edition at Gabiro Military Camp, in  bringing together over 250 government officials from different instituions and participants who will be invited to provide presentations during the retreat.

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