Former Rwandan Army Chief of Staff, Kayumba Nyamwasa say he is ready to peacefully return to Rwanda for war is expensive and does not contribute to democracy and prosperity.

In exclusive interview with Zambia eNews, Kayumba said the execution of his plan requires a big effort.

“It will take me a lot of effort in sense that, we are talking about peaceful means. When we talk about peace, you must be aware it is a long protracted process and that is what we are pursuing,” he said

“It can take a short time just like it can take a long time but we are prepared to be in our country.” Adding he has no intention to overthrow Rwanda government “ No, no not necessarily, we are not about change of guards, we are talking about democratization in Rwanda.”.

Kayumba was in 2011 sentenced in absentia for 24 years in prison for terrorism, he vehemently denies the charge and describe Kanombe-based Military Court verdict a politically motivated.






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