Since political concerns surge in Burundi, the government has been involving neighbouring Rwanda to contribute to insecurity issues, what Rwanda always deny saying it has no interest in intruding Burundi sovereignty.

The allegations led to embargo on agriculture products exports to Rwanda, which Rwandan officials claim to be no loss for the country’s business and residents’ welfare.

Mayor of Gisagara district which borders Burundi on south coast, said that Gisagara resident do not encounter any loss depend on Burundi’s embargo to farming products.

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Gisagara Mayor Rutaburingoga Jerome told journalists that fellow Burundians have been relatives and comrades, whom they share common living and marrying each other; but cutting off products exports has nothing to do with residents welfare over their little chickens, eggs and beans they imported.

“We are not concerned with Burundian imports cut off. What they imported were mostly chickens, eggs and beans; thus we have not encountered any tough challenge in Gisagara. Whenever they will feel like liberating bilateral cooperation, we will also resume our recent trading cooperation.” Says Mayor Rutaburingoga.

Bizumuremyi gaspard, resident in Gisagara district in Mamba sector
Bizumuremyi gaspard, resident in Gisagara district in Mamba sector

Bizumuremyi Gaspard, 46, who lives in Buye village in Mamba sector; said that on his behalf he did not face any challenge related to Burundi’s trading embargo. In spite of blocking their way towards their crops plantation in Burundi, Bizumuremyi said they were highly beaten whenever they refused corruption offer.

In July last year, the second Burundian deputy president Joseph Butore announced a prohibition of exporting agriculture products towards Rwanda, a neighbouring country accused of refugees military recruitment. He said, “We can’t give what we have cultivated to Rwanda when it is fighting against us. It is necessary to sell what you have farmed to other provinces of the country.”

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