Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi insists the Government draws hope for bright future and is in good position to control the country’s welfare at people’s expense.

Murekezi said this while speaking at the 23rd Commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi held by the Office of the Prime Minister‘s staff on Friday April 21st 2017 at Nyamata Genocide Memorial in Bugesera District.

The staff continued their commemoration ceremony at the Ministry’s office in Kimihurura, Kigali, during which they held a night to remember and different commemoration conversations on the history and roots of Genocide against the Tutsi.

Murekezi said reflected to the current state of governance after the 1994 dark days and said, “ we are no longer in the dark, we are enjoying good governance but we need to understand Rwanda’s past bad government and the liberation war so that we prevent it from happening again”

He added that Rwanda’s Ndi Umunyarwanda is drawing a positive way toward unity and reconciliation, and consoled residents that they have no need to worry as Genocide was started and stopped by Rwandans themselves.

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He wonders what how Rwanda would look like if white people would be the ones to stop the Genocide because they played a big part in making it happen by dividing Rwandans but thanked RPF-Inkotanyi for rescuing those who were being chased by the then government for their ethnic race.

Murekezi promised that nothing can disturb the current strong Unity among Rwandans thanks to good governance of the country but slammed European colonialists, who brought divisionism among Africans, thinking that they carried a less power of thinking and forget that Africans were tough and smart people before the birth of Jesus Christ.

He said Africa was capable of even colonizing those so-called geniuses (Europeans) during the past times, giving an example of Egyptian Pharaohs, who are Africans, have practiced slavery on Jewish slaves for a long time.

The Office of the Prime Minister’ commemoration initiative is held annually together with its attached government institutions like Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authority (RURA) and Gender Monitoring Office (GMO).

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