What is behind Ben Rutabana’s secret visit to Uganda?


Former musician and a soldier of Rwanda Defense Forces living in exile, Ben Rutabana has recently landed in Uganda secretly, Great lakes watchman reports

It is alleged Rutabana was welcomed by the Head of Uganda’s Internal Security Organization (ISO) Col. Kaka Bagyenda.

Rutabana, who travels on a French passport, is a Head of Capacity Development of a well known Rwanda’s opposition party Rwanda, National Congress chaired by Lt. Gen. Kayumba Faustin Nyamwasa.

According to the website, Rutabana was treated in a special way comparing a normal visitor.

 Rutabana was heavily guarded by Second Lieutenant Jack Erasmus Nsangiranabo, a Kampala-based ISO officer, another ardent RNC supporter Frank Kamurari Kinwa, a Muhima businessman based in Kampala, was also available to ensure complete facilitation of Rutabana’s visit.

 Sources to the website disclosed the man was in Uganda to get a first-hand appraisal of RNC activities in the country.

As a development to the plan, he was supposed to meet with Col. Kaka Bagyenda, ISO boss, who briefed him on the ongoing activities before handing him over to his subordinates.

Bwiza.com understands Rutabana is a wanted person in Rwanda.

Many reports involve Uganda in plan to destabilize Rwanda’s security by helping Rwandan dissidents especially RNC. However, Uganda has not yet dismissed or admits these allegations.




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