What needs to be done to improve lives of children in urban areas of Rwanda


Reports on urbanisation resulting from research carried out by experts have proved that the rural immigration is greater than the urban one.

The research  was conducted on both national and international with support from  Rwandan Government in cooperation with United Nations. The conclusion drawn  was that the unemployment is the primary cause of rural immigration.

This rural immigration was at the base of the multiplication of the poor population in cities in Rwanda as well as the misery for children living in urban areas. A 2015 report has shown that rural immigration has increased from 10%  in 2001 to 15% in 2011.

The same study had indicated that unemployment fell by 22% down to 17% over the same period. All these statistics show that the acceleration of this flow is the cause of the misery for most children in urban areas.

What are the real health problems of children in urban areas in Rwanda?

In an address with the website Bwiza.com, parents indicated that their children health problems are numerous but also the solutions are multiple. Parents said that in partnership with the government  they have been able to expand infrastructure such as well – equipped hospitals with  dignified and capable staffs.

In order to improve the daily lives of  the children in urban areas,  Rwandan Government has established a national council to defend the interests of children in their development without forgetting their health. Nowadays, the cities of Rwanda have become offspring of juveniles due to drug use. A list of orphaned HIV / AIDS children has been developed to assist victims.

Hygiene should be  a priority

The partnership between government and teachers has  to teach the children to apply and to maintain good hygiene. With this in mind, the government has also to ensure the nutrition of school children without leaving schools.

Primary School children having milk/ Photo: Internet

The Rwandan Government, in collaboration with parents associations in urban areas, is working hard to prepare leisure areas that can help children to relax  both physically and morally. It is with this perspective that non-governmental organisations have begun to broadcast media programs to educate urban children about reproductive health.

We find out that urban children are victims of unwanted pregnancies because most of them face poverty.

Richard Nkurikiyimfura/Bwiza.com


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