The cases against senior police officers Nixon Agasirwe and Joel Aguma who are accused of kidnapping former President Kagame bodyguard,Lt. Joel Mutabazi  are likely to face a gap after a key witness Sgt Emma Mulindwa alias Mukombozi disappeared two months ago.

The Defence spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire  told Chimpreports  on Friday he was not aware of this matter.

“I was not aware of this matter”

It is speculated that Mukombozi could have been kidnapped and murdered.However,he was among witnesses who were expected to pin Aguma and Agasirwe in the cases of kidnapping and repatriation of Rwandan refugees including Lt Joel Mutabazi.

“He had first hand information about the alleged criminal activities of Aguma and Agasirwe. I don’t see how the case will stand without Mukombozi’s testimony because he was part of the group that witnessed the repatriation of Rwandan soldier, Joel Mutabazi,” a contact told the website.

“How he was taken remains unclear to us. However, at a ‘safe house’, these people always walk out to buy cigarettes or drinks. It’s possible his movements were being monitored,” another source said said a source.

Agasirwe and Aguma are among the six senior police officers charged with kidnapping the former bodyguard to Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Lt Joel Mutabazi.

On other hand, Rwanda through Police Spokesperson, CP Theos Badege denied these allegations saying   Lt.Joel Mutabazi was not kidnapped but repatriated to Rwanda in accordance to international law for he was on wanted  list of  Interpol.



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